Image insert thing not working

i have a ui that makes it so u can insert a code and it will put a decal on the wall.

right now it will only work for the id’s from studio, not the one from the website…
how can i make it so it can also use the id from the website since most people don’t have roblox studio to insert decals.

i have searched everywhere no posts helped me

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Are the decals free to take? You’d obviously not be able to use ones that aren’t free.

i just want something like how you can insert a id in bloxburg to set a picture frame or something

i dont know how that works but right now i can do it for any like image id but not asset id

literally the same thing but without the process of getting the asset id through studio

I’m still confused a bit, but basically you could just do:

local inputID = --//some ID supplied by the user

someDecal.Texture = "rbxassetid://"..inputID

thats not what i want, i actually figured out what i need now.

to get the ImageId instead of the decal id

because roblox images have a id and then decals have an id.

i rather get the image id from a decal id. i dont know how to do that

What do you mean by image ID? Aren’t they the same as decal ID?


Honestly I have no idea what you mean :confused:

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Currently, it’s difficult to obtain the Image ID from a Decal ID, hence if you’d want to use InsertService for converting the ID, the asset needs to be owned by you.

There’s a practical method you could try, and it is iterating (subtracting by 1 every time) the Decal ID until they both match the creator (using MarketPlaceService:GetProductInfo()), as the Image ID is always smaller. The results can be unstable, alongside the activity from the script.

Source of the practical method (suggested):

There is a much simpler way using one of f3x’s endpoints:

I don’t recommend this anymore. Check out rbxthumb.