Image isn't appearing

So basically im making an inventory gui, and each item folder has an int value with the image id. The code loops through the players inventory and makes a frame with the item’s name and its rarity. Its also supposed to show the items image, but it just doesnt.
This is the line of the code thats supposed to show the image:

clonedFrame.ItemImage.Image = ""..tostring(v.ImageId.Value)

And yes, the ID’s are correct.


why did you post it twice?


do “rbxassetid://urid” not url pls pls

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Sorry, i accidentally posted it before it was ready.

can u read my solution???

Try using

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By this I’m assuming you’ve already pasted your ID into a Decal and retrieved the new ID, correct?

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Use “rbxassetid://”…v.ImageId.Value|

Make sure the ImageId is an INT value / or a number value

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Yes, thats exactly what i did.

Can you send the full script as that line of code should work perfectly fine on its own

With that issue, you need a number/int value at the end, not a string.

btw pls don’t use concentation
use string format


Oh okay, thanks. Still didn’t fix the problem though.

Make sure your value is a number/int, not a string, it’s easier to work with int/numbers in such cases

dont use %s for numbers


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The Image property is supposed to be a string though, which is why it’s being converted from a number/int to string for concatenation…?

True, but the end of " should be a number.

But numbers can concentate with strings. So it’s not a problem.


but roblox’s new dumb update now adds a million decimals to numbers when you do tostring(which is what is applied to numbers when u concatenate them)

so something like 0.3 would return 0.3000000000002

instead, you should use string.format with %.f

clonedFrame.ItemImage.Image = "rbxassetid://"..tostring(v.ImageId.Value)