Image Labels Won't Load Even After PreloadAsync

Hi! One of my games relies on a lot of image labels. This is why I have a loading screen that waits until all the assets are preloaded, using ContentProvider:PrealoadAsync().

All the images load for me and most others. But for few people, when playing, random images just don’t load at all for the entire time playing. This becomes an issue because for my game I need to make the cursor an ImageLabel. And once again, for very few people, the cursor image just doesn’t load whatsoever throughout their entire time playing. I’ve made sure that the image labels are visible, and they’ve passed the PreloadAsync, so I’m not sure.

I’ve looked on the Developer Hub for answers, and most just suggest PreloadAsync, which is what I’ve been using. Is this a problem I’m able to fix? Or do I have to just hope that the images load for my players. (This problem doesn’t affect a majority of the players but affects very few people and ends up ruining their experience) What other steps can I take to make sure all the ImageLabels load 100% of the time?

Maybe try making the image label connected to the player’s mouse position?

There isn’t a problem with the ImageLabel cursor. It works perfectly fine. My issue is that random ImageLabels end up never loading for few people.

Are the users who can’t view the images getting any errors like the following in the local console (F9)?


No. I’m pretty sure that error is only for deleted decals. All of the decals in the game aren’t deleted.

Oh, I see now. Don’t add rbxassetid://. It’s prob what makes it an error.

I think that Is a roblox error, I get lots of them.

This was an error caused where my automated PreloadAsync function tried to load a moderated (image) asset.

The image was not moderated. The images appear for most people. It’s just at very random times, the images end up not loading.

The ImageLabel works. It appears for me and a majority of other players. The only problem is that for few people it randomly doesn’t load.

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