Image link for bundles

Does anyone know the image link for getting a bundle’s thumbnail? I want to put a bundle thumbnail in an ImageLabel.

For example, from bundle ID 429, I want to get this image:

This works for normal assets but not bundles:


Try looking here

From the URL @GGGGG14 posted ( it seems as though there is no native Thumbnail ID get request for bundles.
However you can use the URL to get a table of information of all the limbs inside of that bundle, and then use LoadAsset to insert each limb from the “Items” directory of the table. (Table[‘items’][1][‘id’] in your case would return 2608534881, or the left arm. From there you could use Module3D or in the future use ViewportFrames to get a thumbnail of this.

Although this seems like a very resource intensive process just to get a bundle thumbnail, and we would definitely need API (having said that, there’s probably some around somewhere)
This would be even trickier to use the API as stated above as you can’t use ‘Get’ requests on Roblox websites from a Roblox Server…

Good luck on your mission!

Going by the solutions stated above, here’s a simple implementation that uses ViewportFrame to generate the bundle’s image. Though for it to be accurate, you’ll want to take into account of the animations provided in the bundle, as well as applying the bundle assets onto a R15 character using and diverse other methods.

NewFissy_GetBundleImage.rbxl (15.1 KB)

The above place file contains 3 scripts:

  • GetBundleImage (ModuleScript) - This loads the bundle assets & makes the ViewportFrame
  • Script - This script calls GetBundleImage on bundle 429, and puts it somewhere for the client to see
  • LocalScript - This script finds the generated ViewportFrame and handles the camera setup, showing the generated ViewportFrame to the client (cameras don’t seem to replicate, eh).

I noticed that this doesn’t take into account the head of the bundle, as the head is a SpecialMesh instead of a MeshPart… Not sure how you’d fix that.

edit: This solution is only viable when the ViewportFrame goes live for real games, and not just Studio, although I don’t think that will be too long of a wait.

Thank you @As8D. I really appreciate you putting together a working demo. I’ve learned a lot from your example since I’ve never used viewport frames before.

That being said, I should have included some more details. These images are for an avatar editor where hundreds of bundles are displayed at once. I’m worried that inserting all these models and rendering them would be laggy on mobile devices.

The most performant solution would be using an image url, such as, except for bundles. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to find a publically exposed URL yet. But perhaps someone will know

Thank you @GGGGG14 @AyeeAndrxw for your suggestions as well!


Yeah there definitely needs to be some API to make this a lot easier. I’m sure it will come out at some point if we ask :smiley:

Found it by tracking network traffic while browsing the catalog:

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That’s for an outfit though… Not sure how that would be applied to your use case. Is there a way to get the outfit ID of a bundle?

I saw that earlier, and if you have the Robux to do it, you could create a bunch of outfits that are just the bundle and use that API to get the image id.

On a sidenote, you’d need to use a proxy server of some sorts as you can’t use Get Requests from a Roblox Server.

You can get the outfit using game:GetService(“AssetService”):GetBundleDetailsAsync(429)

Also you can plug that image URL directly into a ImageLabel. You would have to scrape the catalog using an external tool to first get the items. But you could just save those in a modulescript

Aha, I had a look at AssetService but there was no documentation on the GetBundleDetailsAsync dictionary it returns… I didn’t actually know that you could plug the image URL directly into a ImageLabel, that’s pretty neat.

Overall though, this is a shortterm answer - in the future there should be a more viable option available which only requires one request to Roblox to get the image id, but for now… This is about as good as it gets

Happy developing!

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Wrong link

Here’s the correct one

Valid Thumbnail Sizes

Thumbnail APIs

What GetBundleDetailsAsync Returns


local AssetS = game:GetService("AssetService")
for i,v in pairs(AssetS:GetBundleDetailsAsync(429)) do
	if typeof(v) == 'table' then
		for ii,vv in pairs(v) do
			print('	',ii,vv)
			for iii,vvv in pairs(vv) do
				print('		',iii,vvv)


Items table: 481ABF38
	 1 table: 481ABF68
		 Id 2608534881
		 Type Asset
		 Name Magma Fiend - Left Arm
	 2 table: 481ABFC8
		 Id 2608536258
		 Type Asset
		 Name Magma Fiend - Left Leg
	 3 table: 481ABC38
		 Id 2608537440
		 Type Asset
		 Name Magma Fiend - Right Arm
	 4 table: 481ABB78
		 Id 2608538559
		 Type Asset
		 Name Magma Fiend - Right Leg
	 5 table: 481ABFF8
		 Id 2608539495
		 Type Asset
		 Name Magma Fiend - Torso
	 6 table: 481AC028
		 Id 2608540431
		 Type Asset
		 Name Magma Fiend - Head
	 7 table: 481ABED8
		 Id 2510230574
		 Type Asset
		 Name Rthro Climb
	 8 table: 481ABD58
		 Id 2510233257
		 Type Asset
		 Name Rthro Fall
	 9 table: 481AC058
		 Id 2510235063
		 Type Asset
		 Name Rthro Idle
	 10 table: 481ABE18
		 Id 2510236649
		 Type Asset
		 Name Rthro Jump
	 11 table: 481ABE78
		 Id 2510238627
		 Type Asset
		 Name Rthro Run
	 12 table: 481AC4A8
		 Id 2510240941
		 Type Asset
		 Name Rthro Swim
	 13 table: 481AC1A8
		 Id 2510242378
		 Type Asset
		 Name Rthro Walk
	 14 table: 481AC118
		 Id 474312030 -- You use this for " ID HERE &width=420&height=420&format=png"
		 Type UserOutfit
		 Name Magma Fiend
Description He's got hot blood, with a temperature of nine hundred and three.
Id 429
Name Magma Fiend
BundleType BodyParts