Image loading problem for Dev Product / Gamepass Prompts


Some images (not clear what the root cause is) are not loading for Dev Products or Gamepass Prompts.

I first determined this a problem within my game’s gamepasses not showing up on the website, even though we uploaded the images in the configure menu like normal.

I checked out the most popular game right now, because I’d assume if there’s a problem on developer’s end, the top games would’ve figured it out

What is happening in this gif is, I am first prompting 1 product, which does not have an image (it is unclear if the developer intended for it to have an image or not, I would assume every popular game intends every product to have an image), then I switch over to one where the image exists, and go back to the first product. The image has been transferred to something that does not match what the developer intended. To further prove this, I prompted another purchase, and you can see it changes to that one the next time I clicked on the first / ‘unloaded image’ product.


Pretty sure this has been a goofy for a while and that the engineering team is already aware of this issue.

EDIT: Whoops, necrobump. My bad.