Image Loading Screen

Hello everyone, I’m currently trying to work on a loading screen for my game and I have came across an idea which I think I have seen been used in other games, but I don’t remember which.

The idea was that the ‘loading bar’ is actually an image, but in all black. Then, the image in colour slowly loads in.







The issue is that I don’t know how to make the image big, but half loaded in, since the middle image shrinks if I scale it up/down. I’ve tried adding a UIAspectRatioConstraint to the overlaying image (the one with colour) but then realised I don’t think I want to keep the same aspect ratio either.

Sorry if this sounds confusing or if I put this in the wrong category, I wasn’t sure if there was scripting involved.



This will have to be accomplished by using ScaleType: Sliced and setting SliceCenter to be the entirety of the image box



With the darkened image on top (set z-index higher than the brightened image), merely resize the imagelabel and it will not stretch and will resemble what you intend for it to be–a seamless loading image

heres a sample file as I was intrigued by this so I too wanted to figure it out.

slice loading.rbxl (38.0 KB)

On my initial investigation, I expected to utilize ClipsDescendants but I was so wrong haha