Image looks differently on image label and decal

I imported a mesh on roblox, everything was fine. But the next day, the texture changed itself and i dont know how. I inserted a surface gui on a basic part, inserted a image label and used the texture image id. The image has 4 colors. But on a decal, the image has only 2 colors. Why?
I would have already filed a bug report if i could, but i dont have permission.

The mesh could have messy UV? That’s all I can think of

Mesh: plant - Roblox
The mesh doesnt have a messy UV, but there is even more weird thing:
On the website, the mesh is shown normally, but when i insert the mesh in studio, purple color turns red. And eh lol linked the mesh instead of the image in my original post, ima change

i hate how roblox curses my decals, how can it be fine on a gui but trying to curse itself on decal or mesh?
i feel like roblox is running out of memory and trying to compress every image i upload

Try adding it though texture properties instead.

Didnt work, it will still look like decal does

Ima attach a repro file with the images
baseplate.rbxl (95.8 KB)
hope theres a solution

It’s could be because of texture size or UV map.