Image Not Loading

So i wanted to make a plugin and i’ve pretty much done everything except for one thing…
the image:(
when i use my plugin it says “image unable to load”
but i copied the exact script from every tutorial i could find about this thing.
and it’s just 1 line of code too!!!

local Toolbar = plugin:CreateToolbar("nil")
ToolBar:CreateButton("nil","nil","rbxassetid://12347106608","nil")--i changed it to nil because you need to focus on the numbers.

what am i supposed to do…
its perfectly fine right?
thanks in advance!

could you show me what “plugin” is?

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It’s a plugin, though. It’s for studio only.

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I think i had this error before but it really weird as you need to upload it in the asset manager on the game then copy that id over

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it’s not out because im still working on it.
so i can’t show you it’s still a local file.

ohhh wait im dumb you mean “plugin” as in “plugin” from the script!
well plugin is the instance you use to create plugins it holds alot of functions and events
one of those functions is CreateToolbar

It is not loaded on the website either, maybe wait for it to be approved?

(It might have just been approved, actually.)

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but i uploaded it 2 hours ago… i expected it to upload faster hmmmm

Ye lol it was approved for when i looked at it

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Does it load in an image label?

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no it’s meant to be the image for the uhhh whats the name…
plugin! like the avatar importer has that image with the black arrow pointing somewhere.
its the cover of the plugin

If it loads in an image label, and not in the plugin icon, it could say something about the issue. Such as, maybe you just need to restart studio because it wasn’t approved when you loaded the plugin?

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oh yea i tried it as a surface gui like as soon as the error began

So try restarting studio and see if it loads?

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EDIT Looks like the image has already been approved as soon as I posted this!

Looks like it’s likely because the actual image hasn’t loaded yet unfortunately.

AFAIK, when you upload an image, it uploads as both a decal and image. The decal has loaded but the image has not yet been approved yet, hence why it works on a part but not on GUIs.

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wow … its the first error i get when i opened it again

so how do i know when it is approved?

It seems the same thing happened to you. It seemed unapproved, and then it approved when you refreshed. So it must be approved hours ago like the OP said.


Did you try my method? Because sometimes decal textures don’t work and stuff

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so like…just upload it to asset manager?
it says i have to save my game…
is that the same as…publishing?!
because its not supposed to be a game…

I made a plugin recently and I used a privately published game dedicated to testing that so yes I suggest you do publish it but keep it private then use asset manager to upload the image