Image not showing up for Mouse Icon - but loads for decals

I’ve encountered an issue I have never experienced before
My Crosshair will not load for Mouse.Icon (ID 12797875459)


Online Game:

The Icon was approved online:

This happens for any new decal I upload.



Is this a studio issue? Or is it an issue in client?

We are aware of a bug where custom cursorIcons (and mouseIcons) in studio play do not show up properly. This is observed in cases where hovering over a clickDetector doesn’t change the cursor.

We are working to identify the root cause behind this. Please let us know where in game (or studio) you experience it so that we can better track it down :smiley:

Thanks for the reply

This is an online game client issue.
In Online Games, the Mouse Cursor will not set to this Recently Uploaded Decal:

I cannot set my Online Cursor to any recently uploaded decal. It works for any older decal.

It still shows up correctly in Studio.
If I set the Mouse Cursor to Older Decals (uploaded last year), they still show up fine in online games.

I solved this problem by uploading a smaller decal, from 420x420 to 150x150. Not sure why this was blocking the Mouse Icon, but atleast its not a true bug.

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