Image not showing up for Mouse.Icon - but Imagine works for Decals?


I havent’ encountered this issue before but now my decals aren’t showing up.

Online Game:

Screenshot 2023-03-16 085008

This is usually caused when a decal is pending moderation. Check back in a couple hours to see if the issue is still there.

You will be able to see unmoderated decals you own in studio, but not in any published version of the game until it has gone through moderation.

You can see in my original post that the original decal was fully approved. Thats why this is a weird problem.

Maybe try resize the decal. Ive never had this issue when using them… Maybe either try

Uploading the decal again with a diffrent size
Wait a while and try see if the decal works on another crossair

As you can see, the Decal loads for game - but when I set it to the Mouse Icon it just appears as the “Roblox Cursor”

You can’t see the Roblox Default Pointer here, but thats what its resetting to online.
In studio, everything works 100%