Image not showing up

Hey there, I have put this image on an image button and it is not showing up, it has been approved already but it is not showing up. Here is the script:

local CurrentRank = plr.PlayerGui.MainGui.Pages.ShopFrame.CurrentRank
local ClickSound = "rbxassetid://452267918"

local function NoobClick()
	local sound ="Sound",plr)
	sound.SoundId = ClickSound
	CurrentRank.ItemName.Text = "Noob"
	CurrentRank.ItemPrice.Text = "Price: "..0
	CurrentRank.ItemStats.Text = "Boost: ".."x"..1
	CurrentRank.ImageLabel.Image = ""

Everything works but the image, it is the correct ID.

Image IDs are completely different from the one in library.

This is an image ID, It is already on another image button and it shows up there. They are both screen Guis

That’s strange. Is there anything interfering with the visibility? If it’s already approved. Why don’t you restart the session once? It’s the temporary cache that’s being used.

I checked, it is visible and I restarted my computer but the image is still not showing up.

If it’s not visible, check if the asset is moderated or not. I’m sure there’s an issue on that point instead.

It was not moderated because it shows up on the other image label. I might give it a day to see.