Image Rendering

Hello everyone, this is my first post on the Developer Forums. I do want to apologies in advanced it this is the wrong topic to speak about this. I am having an issue, unless it’s considered a bug. I want attempting to create a custom Player List with diamond shaped player icons. Once getting started on the player icon parts, attempting to use ClipsDescendants for Frame causes the Image to remain fully rendered.


For the image displayed for the player icon, I’m using the GetUserThumbnailAsync() function. I’m not fully sure if this is supposed to happen but I hope there is a work around. Thank you.

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ClipDescendants does not work on rotated gui elements. This is expected behaviour as of now.


Strange, I never took that into account. I did find a quick work around but it’s a pain for rendering new players into the player list.

The clipsDescendants property dosen’t affect rotated frames. This is expected behavior as wevetments mentioned above.

If you want to acomplish something like this, you could take advantage of viewportFrame masking. Here’s an example:
Haven’t tried it with cubes, but it might work. Worth a try atleast.

Also, some people have requested clipsDescendants to affect rotated frames. You can find these threads by searching for clipsDescendants here on the forum (Multiple requests have been made for the feature).

Okay, I understand. I did hear about ViewportFrames but haven’t taken the time to learn more about them. I’ll check it out when I get the chance and will let you know! Thank you!