Image viewed as a scam?

I had uploaded some badges to use in my game, in which they had the badge style of “Sword Fights nn the Heights IV” by Shedletsky, but a particular badge image got me banned (which is funny, because the real badge used to actually ban you from the website), i’m talking about the “Touch the divine” badge, which has this image:
I had the same image as the badge and it was fine, it existed since March 11, 2022.

But suddenly the image got moderated and i got banned with it:
And this was the ban reason:
The badge in which i inspired it from:

Tried contacting the support but i got no response till now.
So my question is, what did Roblox see in this image to ban me for “scamming” over it, and how to avoid further problems, it was just a 1 day ban, but what if it was permanent? over an image thats been used since 2012 and the only word it has in the image is “HACKER”, is the word “HACKER” not allowed to be used? I have no idea.
So if anyone know a possible reason for it, i would be glad to hear.


I would assume it’s another case of Roblox’s moderation not being correct/misinterpreting the image. It could potentially be the text (or the file name itself) although many decals on Roblox use the word “hacker” within game icons, names, etc. so if that was the case it would be a little strange. Hope the support team gets back to you, may take some time.