ImageButton not working when put into BillboardGui

Currently I am trying to make a custom proximity prompt that also works when you press it with either the touch or the mouse. Unfortunately I have not found a way to do this when the proximity prompt is Custom, so I made a BillboardGui with an ImageButton inside for an alternative way of doing it.

For some reason, whenever I try to press the ImageButton, it just won’t work.
I have tried debugging this by making it so it prints text in the output when the button is clicked, but it prints nothing, so my hypothesis is that, it just isn’t clicking it.

I haven’t found any other posts similar to mine as of right now, so I would appreciate some help.

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How are you showing the billboard GUI? Are you just parenting it to the part? If so, that’s likely the issue. UIs in world-space (billboards, surface guis, adornments) need to be parented to the PlayerGui and adorned to the part.