ImageHandleAdornments image property erratic behaviour

ImageHandleAdornments are having a hard time processing multiple images at once. Making them AlwaysOnTop also glows them and fixates them on a single image at every angle.

Happens both in studio and ingame. The configuration does not matter, it always happens.

In the video below, there are 3 ImageHandleAdornments and all 3 have different images.

Here’s the place to reproduce the bug.
DemoBug.rbxl (20.0 KB)

I have a GTX 1060 6GB and an i5 3570.

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Sorry about the bump but this rendering issue hasn’t been fixed yet, and I need to make a ImageHandleAdornment Skybox (Well, I’ve heard skyboxes have several hidden color properties that are used when you change the time of day, which is what I need)
Here is a repro place, with different placement and sizes (Fake Skybox): IHARenderingIssueREPRO.rbxl (19.3 KB)


Still having this issue. Any updates? Would like it to be fixed :worried:

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