ImageLabel being affected by color of Canvasgroup Gradient

I have an imagelabel inside a canvasgroup, and that canvasgroup has a UIGradient in it; but the UIGradient is affecting the ImageLabel. Is there any way to stop this? I can’t just use a frame instead because I need to crop the images when they are outside of the frame.
(when the imagecolor is white)
(when it’s black)

P.S. The same thing is happening with text added to the group


Don’t know if you found a solution yet or not, but first things first, some effects directly on canvas groups apply to all its descendants (like the ui gradient), so your best options are to either not have the canvas group be the gradient’s immediate parent, or have the image label not be inside a canvas group with a ui gradient. Some examples (no visuals rn):

Gradient in a frame with z index 0 that is in the canvas group (creates gradient background effect without affecting the image label), image label directly in the canvas group.

Image label in a frame with clip descendants on with the gradient in the frame. (If you only need the clipping effects)
(Alternatively, if you need the canvas group to apply a gradient to multiple items just not to the image label, you can put the image label in a frame with clip descendants on, make the frame invisible, put a canvas group in the invisible frame and then the gradient inside the canvas group, canvas group z index 0)

Just two canvas groups lol. one canvas group with an invisible background, the other canvas group with a gradient background with z index of 0, image label goes in the invisible background canvas group. (Don’t put canvas groups inside canvas groups because I think that can cause issues)

Hope any of these help


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