Imagelabel in gui keeps shaking Can someone help me, This is an imagelabel in starterplayers head. The body is r6 and standing still why does it keep moving every once and a while?
The game has a overhead camera so I need to be still while looking at the top of the player. It still does this when the players body is invisible.

Think I fixed the issue, I had output log open, bit weird that it made it shake though.

No, you didn’t unfortunately. Closing the output log only made it appear to be fixed (for reasons that will be difficult to explain.) If you resize your studio window over and over, it’ll likely start happening again at some point. It’s because the player’s head is moving due to the idle animation. Since you attached it to the player’s head, the gui is going to move with it. You should attach it to the HumanoidRootPart (which doesn’t move from animations) or disable the character’s animations.