ImageLabel issues

Months ago, I uploaded an image and it looks like this

Today, I uploaded the same image and here’s how it looks now

Why did that happen? Is this an issue with ROBLOX, or is it my Photoshop?

Did you save it as a png or jpg/jpeg?

It’s a PNG.

Hmmm… probably isn’t a jpeg artifact issue then.

I get around this by using images that are exactly the size of the frame upon upload. It downscales and doesn’t look like ROBLOX fixed the bug where images show artifacts around them when not their native size.

I think this is caused by the sampling done when you resize. Your transparent pixels are white colored and transparent, so when ROBLOX does the sampling on them it mixes the black and white and it becomes gray. This is also why doing what @Usering said works: if the image is the same size as the frame there is no sampling done for resizing the image.

The solution would be to make sure your transparent pixels are black. I’m not sure how exactly you can do this with normal tools, though. I’ve only done it in an automated Java thing where I could set pixel colors directly.

The frame size is scaled so that doesn’t really work.

Don’t know how I’d go about doing that

Any image is going to look slightly off if you resize it. The smaller the original image, the worse it gets.

If you must have dynamically sized ImageLabels, try uploading your icon or whatever in several resolutions and swap them out as your Label changes.

Really? Can ROBLOX just make it so that images behave like they’re supposed to?

Define “behave like they’re supposed to”, as downscaling/upscaling isn’t a simple or easy task.

Behave like they did when I uploaded the image months ago the first time.

And is that how they are supposed to? Happen to have a full size image (assuming it was a larger resolution when uploaded) for comparison?

Well, what was the original image that you uploaded? Was it this one?

Are you displaying it at the exact same size in-game? Images appearing blurry or distorted when scaled or resized isn’t a problem unique to Roblox.

He would be but

I used the EXACT SAME imagelabel, with the EXACT SAME DIMENSIONS. pasted the two different asset links OF THE EXACT SAME IMAGE, BUT UPLOADED AT DIFFERENT TIMES. One looks good, one looks like garbage.

We realize that you are aggravated about the change to scaling, but please, just post the original image you uploaded.

The image you linked is the reuploaded one that looks like crap. I uploaded the exact same PNG file twice, but the one you linked looks like crap.

Here is the original:

I think this is more of an ingame issue than a web issue (which is the sub category).
Here is what happens when you Xor it in Any pixel that is different is black, which is only a few.
But ya, it is probably a downscale issue. I will experiment a tiny bit to see if it could be something like bicubic vs bilinear, which is what has.

Edit: Maybe they use a different scaling technique.
Bicubic vs Bilenear aren’t close to the images displayed above.

Sorry it took so long to get your point across. We all just assumed that something was different about one of those scenarios.

Try uploading the decal again, does this still happen? (and why are you uploading the same decal twice in the first place?)