ImageLabel not loading in-game


Here is a menu for an airline, however, the images are not loading. The images loaded fine in Baseplate, but not in a public group game. Is there a way to get the images to load? Here is the script for the menu GUI tool.

local tool = script.Parent
local gui

local function readBook()
	local player = game.Players:getPlayerFromCharacter(tool.Parent)
	if player.PlayerGui:findFirstChild("Menu") == nil then
		gui = tool.Menu:Clone()
		gui.Parent = player.PlayerGui

local function closeBook()
	if gui then gui:Destroy() end



(Image not loaded when in public group game)

(Image loaded fine when in Studios)

May I know what’s in your console when you’re playing on the client and not studio?

Nothing showed up in the console. Same with Studios.

I’m giving it a guess. You didn’t update the game. Or it could be the case that you’re using deprecated signal methods.

It could be because roblox is still checking them, it doesnt allow you to use images instantly, they check for sensetive images in your image and then say whether to pubish or not.

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