ImageLabel only visible to me

So, I’m making an loading screen.

It has an imagelabel as an frame.
But, the image only shows to me.

The text shows to other players, but the imagelabel only shows to me in studio.

I’ve tried changing the transparency but it didn’t work.

(Me and my friends are on team create)

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Tell them to re-open studio, that usually works.

Is the image moderated yet? If it is still pending, it should only be visible in studio. Correct me if I’m wrong.

That maybe because the image haven’t been moderated by ROBLOX as @GalaxyGourmet said or maybe because of image was not fully loaded.

It was moderated, also my friends WERE in studio but still couldn’t see it.

Did you upload the photo using studio? (By clicking the ID button and clicking “Select from Files”)

This does not work on Team Create. You need to upload the photo normally on the roblox website and copy the ID into the label.