ImageLabel/ImageButton still shows image after setting Image to blank

Description of bug:
In my game, there are ImageButtons with a blank Image property, but still show an image.

The Image property is blank, yet the selection shows an image, and IsLoaded is somehow true. (Only the items with a black square outline have the Image property filled with an ID.)

Reproducing the bug:
This occurs when rapidly setting the Image property to IDs, then finally to blank (""). I think the ImageButton/Label has some sort of a lagged cacheing issue.

Example code: (just goes through like 30 image assets. I was able to do this with 6 image assets but less reliably.)

for _,v in next, game.ReplicatedStorage.particles:GetChildren() do
script.Parent.Image = v.Texture
script.Parent.Image = ""

For context:
In my game, each item in my customization menu has its own thumbnail image. When rapidly switching pages, the last page would often get ghost images stuck because they’re just set to “” instead of another image, which leaves the ghost image. I had to make a workaround for this by adding an ImageLabel child and toggling its Visible property so it wouldn’t leave ghost images.

When it started happening:
Not sure.

Windows 10

Video showing repro’d bug:


Could we get a repro place file…? Thanks.

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imagebutton repro.rbxl (24.7 KB)


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