Images are marked as loaded, but don't appear

I’m trying to make a system that gets decal IDs from the player’s inventory & display them in-game for them to choose from one. The part where it gets them works just fine, but the display isn’t working as intended.

  1. The image buttons are being copied & distributed in the correct frame accordingly, without fail, every time.
  2. The image is placed & preloaded using ContentProvider:PreloadAsync()
  3. Here’s the issue: it’s marked as loaded, but the image itself does not appear.

I have verified that the frames are visible, the image frame is visible, and yet, it still isn’t loaded. I’ve tried modifying the script to include both ways of displaying images, (rbxassetid://[id] +[id]) but to no avail.

The ONLY way of making it work is to re-apply the image ID into the Image variable on the frame manually, from the studio Explorer tab, one-by-one.


Here’s how it looks like currently.
The background is only visible to show that they’re there.

Here’s how it’s supposed to look like.
I had to manually put each image id in each frame.

Is it something I’m doing? I’m not entirely sure what’s going on.

I’ve fixed my issue. Here’s what I used. I replaced the images loading with that. But now, some of the images come out very odd, to say the least.


I’m aware that it retrieves the thumbnail of the image, but it shouldn’t look like that.

Anything I can do about that or is this on ROBLOX’s end?

Do they have any transparency? The color of the UI behind them may be bleeding in.

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The image itself has no transparency, the background has a transparency of 1.