Images are not listed one after the other

Hello, in my latest game I have to script a value table ( in a screenGUI ) in which, when a player buys certain game passes, certain images become visible in a value table (background: so that he can see what he has already bought). The problem is that the images don’t slide next to eachothet if the player has several of them, but stay somewhere in the picture (here is a picture of it)

Unfortunately I don’t know how this works or how to script something like this. Can someone explain to me how it works?

just add a UIGridLayout into the frame that holds the images UIGridLayout | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub

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Do i have to Script something, or will it work without a Script?

no, you don’t have to script it. it automatically lists the items in the order as it is in explorer

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I’m just a little confused because the image labels are invisible but still there, wouldn’t it then look like the example here?

if i remember right, uigridlayout ignores ui elements with the visible property set to false

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