Images Failing To Load, Have To Manually Reload

T’sup fellow devs! :grin:

I’ve noticed this problem for a while now, but kept biting the bullet and manually finding the fickle ID for each image. Which differed from the ID provided in the URL in the library AND the one inside the game explorer. Please, no more.

Perfectly fine and fully uploaded (and unmoderated) image failing to load

After copying and pasting the ID, it changes to a different ID. I am used to this.

I can replicate this on any device that I use, this is native to Studio and I’ve read many posts that can support my credibility in the issue.

Keep in mind, I tried 3 URLs for each ID; "rbxassetid://" ( I even tried just the flat ID with no URL and seeing what Roblox links it to) "6666666", and "".

It always changes to a different one while just in studio, thank God. However, the problem is that it doesn’t do this during run-time unless manually forced to like I just did in the pictures.

Any solutions?

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Edit: After some more investigating, the problem I’ve found is that the ID from the site library for images are different IDs than the ones in the game explorer.

When in studio this difference is automatically resolved and the right ID is linked, but when in-game during run-time this automation does not activate it would seem.

Yes, there is a ContentId for this. It allows you to just use the decal id instead of having to subtract numbers to get to the image id, as the conversion is handled for you.

Suppose you have a decal asset of id 680 which has an image id of 666. You don’t know how many numbers to subtract. Therefore, you just use rbxthumb and put 680 as the TargetId. The rest is handled for you automatically.


Awesome, thank you for the answer!

Curious though, why is there are there multiple IDs for one asset?

I haven’t a clue honestly. The way I tell most people is this: one exists for website usage and one exists for game usage. The decal id holds information about the uploaded decal and the image id is used as the actual in-game item. This id thing happens for multiple types of assets, including shirts and pants.

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