Images not going through approval process after 7 days


We’ve been waiting for one of our images to be approved for 7 days, but it hasn’t been approved/declined yet.



We’ve tried reuploading the same image, through both the website and studio, with slight modifications over the past few days, and each one is stuck in this forever-pending state. We’ve also tried uploading with multiple different accounts.


I’ve never been able to experience this but I’ve heard of it happening before.

Post it in #moderation-review-requests, and a staff member will take care of the asset in particular when they’re available.


Yeah 2 of my shield images are STILL pending.

Can confirm


This is being investigated. It appears that in many cases, the images were approved but one or more sizes of thumbnail were not generated. Before making a request for moderation review, you can check to see if your image shows in a published place.