Images not loading in plugin gui widget

Hi members,
I’m working on a plugin. And in plugin Gui, I’m using ImageButton. But I have seen that no image is loading in Plugin Widget.
“rbxassetid://293296862” this is the image that I’m trying to load. (it is loading in StartGui or in-game)
I’m currently save plugin as “Save as Local Plugin”. (Is this the reason?)

Please correct me, what I’m missing.

There’s 2 reasons on why your image link isn’t able to show anything:

  1. Your image is still under moderation.
  2. You used the image’s Decal ID instead of its Asset ID. (Read here on how to get an image’s asset ID).

Thanks for the reply,
But I got the actual issue and resolved the same.
Actually the working of zIndex of GuiObjects is different in Plugin’s Widget. So, I just increased the zIndex value of that GuiObject.

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