Images of leaves not showing correctly

I am trying to make a tree in blender and in blender it renders just fine:


But when I export it to studio it looks like this:


Images have black background even though they are transparent.

I looked it up, however I couldn’t find a solution.

Anything I could do to prevent this? If not, any suggestions on how would I do this tree correctly?



In your first picture? Why is it so foggy? Can I also see your materials tab? And your UV?

I think I’ve found a soultion, Did you use a texture or did you change the part too a brown? It won’t properly import if one part is colored it will make the rest of the colors black. The tree base. Not the image.

That image doesn’t seems to be transparent. Yes, It is a PNG file, but the background still has got a white color.

I’ve edited the image for you so It actually has transparent background, feel free to use It.

lot of unhelpful responses lol.

Set the transparency of the meshpart to “.011”

youre going to have to deal with the horrible rendering until roblox implements actual alphachannel support


That’s a roblox problem, your model it’s just fine, in roblox studio change the leaves mesh transparency to 0.011 or 0.02 it will fix that black background, it will look a bit weird but you can’t do much more…


Thanks! @Ezmoreth @HDSuperCraftRO

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Yea you’re gonna have to duplicate the mesh and flip the normals in your 3d modeling software. Games only render the “correct side” of meshes