Images/Thumbnails not loading on Roblox

Hi, It looks like there is an issue with the image loading on Roblox or when sent through the webhook. If you try to open the image link directly, it returns a ‘page not found’ error. I am not sure If that’s an engine bug as I haven’t seen any posts about this issue yet.

Image Link:

On my discord channel:

Kindly, let me know If anyone else is experiencing the same issue as well, thanks!

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I may be incorrect but I think this URL only works inside of an experience.

This may be what your looking for:

I have been using this same link for more than a year but this problem was noticed a few weeks ago. And even the previous images don’t load anymore which were fine before.

Oh strange. It seems like it works fine in an experience making me feel this may not be an engine bug possibly.

No need to be rude (you may not mean to be rude but by saying “Apparently” it really seems quite rude. There is no need for it.) . I was just guessing as I have never seen anyone using that URL outside of a Roblox experience.

Yup! It’s working fine in the studio/game, though I prefer the rbxthumb format in-game.

Looks like this has been an ongoing issue, I belive it’s something on Roblox’s end…

Just an update: The loading image has disappeared from the newer webhooks.

Maybe they want us to use the thumbnails api. Which adds extra steps and even requires a proxy since we cant do HTTP requests to the Roblox website inside the game.