Imagination Industrial - Games of the Future!


Hello, I am the spokesperson for Imagination Industrial, providing the Greatest games ever! Ambition is what we strive for, Revealing Brilliant games as often as possible in order to Amass an audience of fellow Gamers who too love high quality games and Experiences!

Oh sorry, I was talking about another group, Industrial Imagination, who copied our name and are ripping off our brands. Both studios hired me and it’s hard to tell at a glance which studio I’m speaking for each time. I really hope the Bigger J doesn’t fire me for this…

Okay, well, Imagination Industrial makes really good games. Try them out and give us feedback so we may discover more ways to flog people for every penny they’ve got, despite some games not even having gamepasses. Ignore that, or we will sue you for inability to succor under Section 4:41 of our terms of service, which you automatically and unknowningly agree to by playing our games.


Our latest creation, Bash Your Head Into A Wall was created to simulate the utter hopelessness and frustration that can so frequently be found on the forums, primarly in response to people treating the discussion board like it’s AskReddit but for developers.

Pain-induced gratification not your best idea of fun? Don’t worry, we have exercising. Go Down A Massive Hallway With Glowing Lights is the perfect way to get yourself some stronger legs and muscular legs.

Glowing lights giving you a headache? Let’s look at something nicer. Observe the Flour is the world’s highest rated Flour Observation Experience.

Flour too motionless and cold and unfeeling and doesn’t love you back? Don’t worry, we have something warmer, that moves! cat_dance.rbxl is the perfect game for those looking to regain the warmth lost by trudging down a hallway with glowing lights for thirty minutes.

Still chilly, need warmth? Don’t worry, in our biggest hit yet, MEGA FART SIMULATOR, global warming has devastated life as we know it and the world is now a spinning ball of fire. Stay warm, stay real!

Tired of not being able to breathe due to methane pollution and unable to hear because of constant fart bombing runs? How about you simply remove your ability to see - gradually - in the latest innovation in Roblox games ever, in LOSE 10 PIXELS EVERY SECOND!. Soon your screen will be blessed by the might of colour, finally answering the question: What do blind people see, anyway?

Imagination Industrial. Any other game is obsolete. (that’s our motto)

Don’t believe us? Look at all of our satisfied customers. Anyone who has really played an Imagination Industrial game has good things to say about them. A new dawn is upon us, and we must believe!

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