ImDyl_n - Graphics Portfolio [UPDATED PORTFOLIO]

Please check here for my new portfolio.
Thanks! :wave:


Very nice gfx but your pricing is very low. I’d suggest making it:
Group/Game Logo - 1000 R$
Advert - 1500 R$
Thumbnail - 3000 R$
Emoji (Text Logo) - 300 R$
Renders - 800 R$
Other Graphics - 1000 R$
I’m going of other good GFX artists commision sheet.

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Thank you for your feedback, are you sure people would buy my GFX at that price? I’m considering making the prices higher depending on the amount of orders I receive. :grin:

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Of course. Your GFX is really nice. If you look at other GFX artists prices they will be way more. If you are starting out sales and trying to get publicity, i’d suggest these prices. I know on hidden developers some do it for 50 robux but thats because the quality isn’t as good. Your GFX is really nice and I wouldn’t undersell these arts.


Yeah, I’ve just been selling for about a month now. I might consider raising it soon. :smiley:


The graphics are nice, but I would probably say those prices you’ve given for Adurexz are probably a little high. When it comes to buying graphics, people want value, it’s not like Building for example where I could easily increase the price.

People can get exactly the same graphics for a cheaper price elsewhere, there’s too many people doing graphics and I think the last thing you’d want is to be priced out. I point this out as well considering most of his graphics are for company type groups and not for front page games with large budgets.


I’m looking into creating Front Page-type graphics like that. I’m taking inspiration and creating my own fanarts to improve. Thank you for your feedback.

You should probably work on doing rendered scenes with props and things.
If you’ve got any examples of that, you might want to put them here so then you might gain some more interest!

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Will do! Thanks for your ideas.

I recommend Adurexz, he delivers really quickly, is really patient and does a great job listening to your suggestions!

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Nice work! I would suggest working on more advanced skills such as rendered scenes and photomanipulation, but you’re already at a great start.

Pricewise, I believe they’re fine where they are at the moment, but you’ll want to make sure to regularly update them as you improve. It’s always a good idea to experiment with prices and find that balance where you’re getting enough orders, but not at too low of a price.

If you have any questions, feel free to DM me! I’m an aspiring graphic designer as well. :slight_smile:

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Thank you! I am looking into creating rendered scenes. I have been working on grass recently.

@Adurexz is an amazing graphics artist, I can personally vouch him with a guaranteed he-will-do-it experience, no bad reviews, just excellent service.

I clearly can recommend him for hire, his prices are wonderful too.