Immense Lag on Roblox Studio and Player

system: Intel® Celeron® CPU N3060@ 1.60GHz , 2.0 GB DDR3 , SanDisk DF4032

microprofiler dump (finally) :

microprofile-20200712-163641.html (620.7 KB)

Let me start off with how I theorise it started:

The night before, the Roblox Studio client shut off and when launched had the Auto-Recover File already in my desktop so I didn’t think much of it. Also, when Studio bugged out the night before, there was a very weird text/paragraph (couldn’t read or check what it read out since it was very minimal) on my computer screen so I restarted my desktop and it disappeared.

Next day, as per usual, I went back on the map I was working on through the Auto-Recovery File. When launched, it caused immense lag onto my device even though the cursor was able to move freely, it was very out of time when I clicked on a part/model and when I exited out of the application.

This is where I uninstalled the client and downloaded it again.

It still caused lag, I can assure you that this is not only a one-game thing as I’ve made and used new baseplates to test out why it’s acting like this.

I checked my internet speed and received a ping of 22ms, this issue had never occurred when I launched Studio previously. I have multiple Auto-Recovery files that I have accessed and none of them have caused the slightest bit of lag like now.

Anyways, I wanted to test out one of my games I’ve been working on, my avatar didn’t log properly into the system, so it’s head was basically the only thing visible from 3rd Person View.

I’m not sure why it’s happened all of a sudden but I do think something from yesterday perhaps influenced it, I currently don’t have any solutions.

Not to mention, I do not use any scripts as I’m purely a builder.

I am not sure how to reproduce this bug since I don’t know how it started in the first place.


performing a microprofiler dump does not work, it’s very unresponsive.

just changed my broadband, it still doesn’t work. tried to microprofiler dump again but all the frames are not responsive, when clicking ‘help’ and other features it responds.


It’s most likely the scripts in your game.

I have no scripts in my game though, I don’t script whatsoever and it happens when I launch a Baseplate as well.

If it’s not a script in the game it has to be your internet.

Hi anross,

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just checked my ping, its 25ms

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just edited the first message,

You may not have any scripts, but have you loaded any free models that may have scripts in them?

No, I haven’t. Almost all of my builds are showcases of creations, I don’t use free models.

up: this is still happening, extreme lag and failing to load ‘Toolbox’ and out of time when clicking buttons.

this is also happening on Roblox Player, all Roblox applications do not work for me besides the normal website.

It wouldn’t make sense for free models to lag the game when he hasn’t even hit run or play.
Maybe it’s a plugin. Have you tried disabling your studio plugins?

As @dispeller said, Have you disabled your plugins? A while loop can cause this.

yeah, I disabled all plugins and I only use two, which are from trusted sources.

GapFill and LowPoly Terrain Creator.

You should keep trying to get the microprofiler dump. Nobody can help you without that basic information.

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yeah, I mentioned it. it’s pretty unresponsive and in a couple days I’ll be changing my broadband network (unrelated) to see if it really is my connection even though I highly doubt it is.

I’ve checked my internet speed and ping, no way can it be a free model backdoor if I don’t use them in the first place.

new update: broadband change, still immense lag and no difference. it’s only a bug happening from Roblox applications.

upd: microprofiler finally works, just uploaded it to the OG post.

upd: studio and player works now, if anyone else experiences this, delete a suspicious file from your documents. it regenerates whenever Studio is launched.

Any info on what the file was or if it was part of a plugin?

it wasn’t a part of a plugin, scan your ‘logs’ file for one called ‘SMI’ it’s highly corrupted and causes major lag.

it was somehow launched when I launched my own model (which is free) in a game, extremely weird.

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