Immersive Ad Warning every time I select or deselect an instance

Reproduction Steps

Start Studio and click an instance, the message
This experience is ineligible for the immersive ads beta. Please stay tuned for the full release. will be warned into the console.

Expected Behavior

This message to not be printed.

Actual Behavior

Every time I click or deselect an instance this message gets warned.

Issue Area: Studio
Issue Type: Display
Impact: Low
Frequency: Constantly


Thank you for reporting this.

Additionally, this will happen when you Undo/Redo, possibly when ChangeHistoryService waypoints are used. It happens in edit and playtest mode but probably also happens in team create and local server tests.

Does Roblox really need to point out immersive ads so much that they spam it in the output?


Hiding Studio warnings in the output somewhat hides the message but the console shifts when it does warn.

Thanks for the report! Do you still encounter this issue?

This looks like it was patched ages ago so no.