Immersive Ads: Expanded Publisher Eligibility and Brand Suitability for Advertisers

Seems like a little bit of a jump going from laser tag to realistic virtual bars…


Any type of computer virus is creatable through code, since adware can be present.


Personally, I find immersive ads are fine on its own but I can’t see it being any better than User ads. I feel like theres a lower chance of people actually clicking on these ads and unlike User Ads which are always easily accessible to people conviently placed on their home screen, these ads would have to be seen in-games/experiences. Also ontop of that ads are blocked for 13 under which I guess isn’t Roblox’s fault.


I wish I had Robux to enjoy this great feature. :pensive:

I will surely try this out if I get funds!


So after running the code to check if a player is Allowed Ads and then booting them out of the experience, per the example provided, the player will be able to downvote our experience/game since they were able to enter it?

I think a better script example would be to not show ads to the players where AllowAds is false, and any ads that run should be setup as adorned GUIs that are fed content, server side to enforce the compliance. That way everyone gets to enjoy the game/experience and ad enforcement is in effect as well… An image of something else related to the current game could be put in the ads place. Easy.

Here’s the link I’m referring to, in the documentation: Complying With Advertising Standards


The docs mention to kick a player if your entire experience is an ad.
Not if there’s only small ads.

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Correct. I was wrong. I totally missed this section, too:

To demonstrate what this can look like, the following images take place in an experience where the non-playable character’s dialog text is an ad. The first image displays the ad text that displays to users who are eligible to see ads, and the second displays replacement text that displays to users who aren’t eligible to see ads. By using the AreAdsAllowed boolean, the creator of the experience can programmatically verify user eligibility to see ads, then change the ad content context accordingly to align with each user’s requirements.


As a player - I have still yet to see any immersive in-game ads work. They are almost always empty when I join games. I’ve had my own ads running, joined any game with banners/portals, and see nothing (???)

As a developer - small games I’ve enrolled in don’t really seem to work at all, either. Like picking up sidewalk nickles. Banners are always blank. Any player we do lose to an ad would not be made up for.

As an advertiser - the last time I spent $300 on a portal ad I received 2,919 impressions. The whole ad overhaul has been a nightmare. Purchasing power was reduced by 6-fold overnight. Interface is clunky, important features (like cancelling campaigns) haven’t worked since rollout months ago, and I swear I’ve had some ads just evaporate and money not refunded. Specifically talking about sponsors, but that’s because it’s the only one that sometimes works. I feel like I drop $10,000 and don’t reach anyone at all.


Same problem here also in my game.

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After 20 days, we earned roughly 20 robux through immersive ads; 200 or so impressions. (20k DAU average)

This is totally not worth the effort in it’s current state. Luckily we can display user art on the billboards instead, so they’re not entirely useless…

It’s either bugged or just that no-one is using the new ad system. I don’t know which is worse.

To anyone that doesn’t have access yet: don’t worry, you’re not missing out on much :sweat_smile:.

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Like I’ve been saying since the beginning, Roblox ads are terrible in their current state. CPMs and impressions desperately need to rise for any big developer to even consider using them.


Way this ads not working for me

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Hi. As a developer trying to put ‘Billboards’ into their game, I have a few questions.

1. I don’t need any custom code to remove the billboard for non-eligible, right? if I’m okay with it showing the default roblox image, it should auto-filter?

2. I put a few billboards in and joined my game. The ads have that unloaded default roblox logo on them.
Do I as the game owner, never see ads? Or, does that simply mean ads haven’t started running yet since I added them into the game an hour ago, and will I eventually see those billboard ads myself?


EDIT: My questions here have been answered, but I’m really struggling to be satisfied with the overall new ad systems in play. Read more about my issues with them here:

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