Immersive Ads: Expanded Publisher Eligibility and Brand Suitability for Advertisers

Hi Creators,

Today, we’re expanding publisher eligibility for Immersive Ads and launching Brand Suitability controls for advertisers. These updates are part of our ongoing commitment to continue scaling our ads ecosystem to meet the growing interest from both advertisers and publishers. With expanded publisher eligibility and new features that allow our ads system to appeal to a broader range of advertisers, we are giving our creator community more opportunities to earn from advertising.

Know that Brand Suitability controls only affect which experiences Roblox ads can be served in, not who can see an ad. Per our advertising standards, no users under the age of 13 are served Roblox ads.

Expanded Publisher Eligibility

Starting today, we are further opening up Immersive Ads publishing eligibility to some developers with experiences that have 9+, 13+, and 17+ age recommendations. These developers will be eligible to start earning Robux through Immersive Ads.

When we first launched Immersive Ads, we limited the number of eligible experiences that could serve ads. With Brand Suitability controls, we are now further expanding the number of experiences that are eligible.

You can check your experience’s eligibility status to serve Immersive Ads by visiting your experience’s details page on the Creator Dashboard. If the left-hand navigation’s Monetization section displays an Immersive Ads header, your experience is eligible.

Brand Suitability Controls in Ads Manager

In Ads Manager during Ad Set creation, Advertisers will now be able to use the new Brand Suitability controls to filter which experiences are aligned with their brand. Advertisers will be able to choose between three inventory tiers: Full, Standard, and Limited. These three tiers are consistent with how the advertising industry enables advertisers to control for brand suitability.

  • Full Inventory: ads served in experiences with All Ages, 9+, 13+, and 17+ age recommendations
  • Standard Inventory: ads served in experiences with All Ages and 9+ age recommendations
  • Limited Inventory: ads served in experiences with All Ages age recommendations

Again, Brand Suitability controls only affect which experiences Roblox ads can be served in, not who can see an ad. Per our advertising standards, no users under the age of 13 are served Roblox ads. For example, if an advertiser chooses Standard Inventory, their ads may be served in an experience with a 9+ age recommendation but only to audiences who are 13+.

Note: We are committed to improving how we categorize experiences based on suitability, so these inventory types may change over time.

Some advertisers may choose to be more restrictive on the types of experiences that are suitable for their brand and ad campaign objectives. Therefore, ad demand and earnings could vary based upon an experience’s age recommendation. However, our commitment is unchanged – we want to make sure that all suitable experiences on Roblox have the chance to monetize through Immersive Ads.



Click here to view the FAQ!

What’s the difference between brand safety and brand suitability?

  • To support brand safety, all content on Roblox must abide by the Community Standards, which prohibit unsafe content such as harrassment, hate speech, and terrorism. The Roblox Community Standards set a high bar for content that is safe and civil for the platform. Brand suitability is about protecting a brand’s own unique requirements. Brand safety is necessary for all brands while brand suitability differs from brand to brand. For example, content which promotes acts of violence would not be brand safe for any advertiser, regardless of their specific preferences, but crude humor could be brand suitable for some advertisers.

Do Brand Suitability controls apply to all Roblox Ads?

  • Brand Suitability controls only apply to Immersive Ads and do not apply to Sponsored Ads since these do not appear in experiences. Learn more about Ads on Roblox.

How do you determine an experience’s brand suitability?

  • Today, we use these “age recommendations” from Experience Guidelines for our Brand Suitability controls. Experience Guidelines provide information on the experience’s details page about what kind of content the experience contains so that users can make informed decisions about what they interact with. Each Experience Guideline has two components: age recommendations and content descriptors. As a reminder, intentionally misrepresenting an experience’s content in the Experience Questionnaire in an attempt to increase ad engagement is prohibited and may have moderation consequences. Experiences with inaccurate Experience Guidelines will not earn ad revenue.

What do you mean by serving ads?

  • On Roblox, our Immersive Ads system allows you to insert ad units into your experience that permit Roblox to programmatically serve ad content from advertisers to your active users.

Are all experiences with a 9+, 13+, or 17+ age recommendation eligible to serve Immersive Ads?

  • Not at this time. If you’re currently ineligible, please ensure that your experience is compliant with the Community Standards and that you have accurately filled out the Experience Guidelines Questionnaire. We will continue to increase the number of eligible experiences throughout the year.

Are 17+ experiences eligible to serve ads?

  • Some 17+ experiences are now eligible to publish ads. In addition, both the creators that developed the experience and the people who engage with it will have to be 17 or older and ID-verified. All experience content, including ads, will remain inaccessible to those who are under 17 or not ID-verified as 17+.

How does this Brand Suitability affect ad campaigns that are currently running?

  • Ads that ran in the past or are currently running were shown in experiences in the Limited inventory tier and will remain unaffected. Active ads will continue to show up in experiences that fall into the Limited inventory tier. Only new ad campaigns created today onward will have the option to be served in experiences in the Standard and Full inventory tiers.

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I am honestly glad that more games are being allowed into this advertising program. It has great potential in lots of games and I definetly think it could enhance the realism of billboards. The brand suitability is also a great addition, allowing for ads that are targeted to younger or older users being able to viewed in an appropriate manner.

Will creation of ads ever be opened up for a greater audience of developers? I feel like the current requirements of age/verified ID are too harsh compared to previous techniques of advertising.


Glad to hear that we can start making use of Immersive Ads! Just checked it out, our experience with cartoony guns is eligible now.

Just wondering, is the Standard Inventory the default option? Are current advertisers set on this inventory as well?


Super cool, thanks for the update roblox


I really like the idea of the brand suitability controls, having immersive ads for games related to ones that a player is already in will highly increase the chances of them actually clicking the ad. It’s also important for just generally keeping the brand of a game consistent.


Since most of the Roblox players are under 13, making ads only available to 13+ players are very annoying for adverisers, and it significantly decreases the amount of impressions that can be collected per robux. This also makes game creators choose not to show immersive ads as a lot of their players will be seeing a blank screen and the immersive ads payout is low.


Can attest to the very low payout rate (compared to other ad platforms), but to reply on the blank screen, you can provide an custom fallback image.

We used to have billboards already, so the player won’t notice much difference.


Yep but I think you would agree, advertising on Roblox was a lot more widely used and better before when <13 could view ads.


Obviously, more opportunities are always appreciated, but Roblox decided to disable ads for users <13 in response to FTC complaints (such as from Truth in Advertising) and the press.


You say you have rolled it out, but I do not have any menu item for immersive ads. Do I need to refresh my login or something?
Oh, I see. Just expanded, not everyone.


Is there a Roblox version of Ublock Origin I can use?


Still waiting for price controls for publishers so we can control how much we’re giving away advertising space for.


most people will just pick all ages lol


Could we set custom images to be displayed instead of the Roblox logo?

I’m aware there’s an option to remove/adjust it for users that aren’t eligible for ads. But this still shows the Roblox logo for eligible users, if no ad can be shown.

Use case is to display player art when no ads are displayed.


I disagree, there are numerous posts in the forum that does not comply to the advantage of Roblox extracting the concept of “reward system” to players. I think this should be deprecated immediately.


Both basic image ad units and portal ad units have a FallbackImage attribute on them which does exactly that!


Can we expect immersive ads to roll out to all/the vast majority of experiences in the near future?
Could you perhaps provide a documented threshold for experiences to reach in order to become eligible?

It is not clear how to get experiences eligible to serve these at this point in time.
Some transparency on this front would be appreciated.


Also, if you wanted to display different effects depending if the ad is active or not you can use connect a property changed signal to AdGui.Status.


Isn’t most of the Internet unusable because of adverts? Go on any website to see it for yourself. I know these don’t use mass data collection (for now) but it still feels like a step in the wrong direction…