Immersive Ads hasn’t given any revenue since its release

Hi there,

As soon as Immersive Ads was released (somewhere in 2023), I introduced Immersive Ads into my game (namely AdGuis, not AdPortals), players actively saw ads and continue to see them every day, but it never brought me earnings (it even says 0 impressions, which is definitely nonsense).

This screenshot was taken today by one of my players


That’s quite odd indeed… Are all the image ads activated? Because when I join a game right now. It’d show this for example:

Meaning you either disabled it, or there is some weird bug going on? I read some stuff about it on here.

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Maybe eligibility has something to do with it?

My bug report is that I don’t get any impressions/revenue even when the player is eligible to see ads.

In your screenshot, the ad wasn’t served for one of these reasons and this behavior is expected.

Have you tried other immersive ads though? It seems this person had about the same issue.