Immersive Ads not counting/displaying impressions

Hey folks, at this year’s RDC there was a special emphasis on Immersive Ads. Seeing that some games were making up to 30% of their revenue off it, I decided to put a portal in 3 of my games. In one of the games, the first day’s impressions/teleports were really good and it did make around 10-15% of the game’s revenue so I was satisfied with these results and decided to keep it on. The next day, the impressions plummeted to less than half of the the first day, which was quite unusual since the game kept roughly the same CCU. The day after that, there were 0 impressions/teleports. I thought it could be a bug that made it display late, etc. However, 6 days have passed now and each day has been at 0 impressions/teleports and 0 robux has been made. The portal model is also active as I went into the game and teleported through it, so players are leaving my game and I am getting absolutely nothing for the last few days. I would like to address this issue and see if anyone is having anything similar. I am now considering to remove portals from all 3 games I implemented it in as they are all having the same issue.

The following are how it looks on Immersive Ads page:

Looking forward to your responses!