Immersive Ads not enabled for games with over 2,000 MAU

I have multiple games that are displaying that they have over 2,000 MAU, however none of these games have yet had Immersive Ads enabled. One of these games has over 70,000 MAU and has had over 2,000 for more than 3 weeks.

A little over a month ago, games would receive eligibility 1-2 days after reaching 2,000 MAU, but now it seems like eligibility has paused and it is impossible to get a game eligible if it wasn’t already enabled.


Game links that are affected for me:

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Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Upon review, we have found that the listed games crossed the 2000 MAU threshold within the month of June. Please note that publisher eligibility is updated only once a month. This means that it can take up to one month after your experience crosses the 2000 MAU threshold for it to become eligible for ad publishing. See more details regarding our policy here.

I was able to verify that these games are now eligible (as of 7/9/24) for immersive ads and you should see ads being served.