Immersive Ads Publisher Learnings and Insights

No significant amount of developers will use immersive ads until they get a fair cut of ad revenue, regardless of what your new insights are.


Is there an ETA on when it’ll be more widely available for developers? Currently it’s only for the top devs. They understandably don’t want to adopt new, potentially disruptive things to their already nicely running game. Especially if they deemed it’s not worth it for them currently.

There is an important trade-off to make. Pretty much gauging how much a player’s attention is worth in robux. If the teleport rate is less than that value, then there’s no point in teleporting them away.

Increasing the access should raise the rates… Right?


Yeah that’s what I would expect too, but on the other side who would be willing to pay 10R$ per visit.


PLEASE, consider giving us an option to pay for immersive ads with robux in the exchange rate of 100 R$/:robux_gold: = 1 $ which is already utilized for paying out developers with subscriptions.

I literally can’t afford to pay for ads in fiat currency due to exchange rates between my local currency and USD + the fact that i keep all of my funding for games and UGC in robux.

Even if i decided to pay in fiat currency, i wouldnt be able to afford much at all.


I would 100% be open to adding immersive ads to my experience if we could set a minimum EPM setting and have it automatically enable/disable the ads based on the minimum amount we are willing to add it for.
10 robux per teleport is enticing to me, but it fluctuates way too far below that to do something as drastic as teleporting players away from my experience, which is not something I’m comfortable doing at this point.


This is on their todo list based on what they shared at their RDC talk however its doesn’t seem to be a priority when it should be the #1 thing they are working on right now. I don’t really care about publisher reporting or anything like that right now, I just want to be able to not send players away and show billboard ads for such puny amounts of robux.


This is the thing I don’t understand. Teleporting players out of your own game/experience is the single worst thing you can do. 10 R$ per teleport doesn’t even remotely cut it for me. I’d earn more just from Premium players continuing to play my game/experience. But this isn’t just about earning R$, it also ruins the flow of gameplay. I guess this really depends on the type of game/experience, but I just don’t see a situation in which it’s ever truly worth sending players to another game/experience, even if they have an easy way to return.

Now the billboard ADs are something I’m far more interested in. It’s something that’s non, or at least less, intrusive to gameplay and can even be used for world building in certain scenes. Plus it acts as a “do-later” response than a “do-now” response, which is much better. I wouldn’t mind of billboard ADs were also capable of prompting a purchase when clicked, though I would hope those ADs sell at a higher price.


As much I would like to use Immersive Ads and see them, I am half sure they actually work. Every game I play with immersive ads, I have never seen anything inside of the advertisement frame.

Edit: To be more clear, I don’t even know if they properly work because I never see anything in it. If I want to advertise my products or games with immersive ads, how am I gonna be sure that my advertisement will even show up in these games?


So true. I’m sure that there’s never once been an image ad created. It’s not worth it.

But… it clearly is, since there’s no demand. You can have such a low bid for it. Why not?


I only see placeholder images on immersive ad billboards, not sure they work.

We tried them in one of our top experiences. The best day we saw, was a day where we had 180,000 DAU - but only 700 immersive ad impressions. This made us 36 Robux (12 cents).

So even if this scales by a factor of 100 (and this could take years), that’s still only making us $12 a day from ads.

I know this post is claiming to be transparent but it feels like it’s an attempt to get more people using ads which aren’t taking off. There’s no transparency as to what % cut Roblox is taking from ads.


You can jus add the sponsor games, and ad clicks to our games and give us % cut of their bid.


Yeah I completely don’t get it. I was actually very hyped and excited for this feature as its a great tool for smaller creators to monetize and it doesn’t even work…


the pdf they attached gave numbers quoting that the top 50 experiences gained less than 1% of revenue thru immersive ads so this totally checks out. I dont see why there is any share to begin with especially for something so niche


How can it?

Discovery of new “experiences” is already terrible.


I’m sitting here wondering why Roblox’s website is still decade out-of-date. I wish they’d reference Steam on how to make a proper game/experience page, and what kind of search functionality needs to exist. Including restoring genres and adding a tag system that actually works. Even on the catalog, it’s spammed with color variants because nobody had the idea to make it possible to put color variants into the same item page.

But instead of improving the website at all, it took months to decide on “Larger tiles to better engage users”:

I don’t think it takes a UI designer to realize how messy the discovery page looks. Having rows of experiences like that is not appealing. Please let us actually discover new experiences using proper search filters.

I’m happy about most of the updates coming to the platform and the engine, but the website is horribly lacking.

Also forgot to mention that a review system would also be lovely. Simple likes and dislikes tells very little. I think this is especially important for the developer marketplace, but still important for game/experience pages.


seeing similar numbers here, on our best day about a week ago:
with 1 image display ad and 180k DAU, we got 4000+ impressions, earning us 300 robux ($1), with our experience having 50% >13 players.

  1. Having used another ad service provider in the past and comparing the rates, the payout we get here is frankly - no other way to put it - miniscule.
  2. I echo the need for more transparency on the % of the cut, other services do it, you can do it too Roblox.

Just for some positives looking forward -
It does seem like there isn’t much supply for image ad and that might partially explain the low payout at least for image ads.
Coming from mobile game development, I can see video ads taking the place of image ads in the future which should offer better payouts. At that point, we could potentially implement incentivized ads views where players can opt to click on a video to play in exchange for in-game rewards. This makes the experience less disruptive and more of a win-win relationship between the game and the player.


Teleport portals are the way to go but for the past 3 or so days all my stats have been 0, pretty much as soon as this dev forum article came out. I wonder if they are revisiting the ad program and making some adjustments… or Spotify and Walmart gave up being the only ones even advertising.


I read the full report and it’s very confusing imo, it says that there was ’ No Statistically Significant Impact on User Retention’, but isn’t this the point of ads to retain users? It basically says the immersive ads made no difference to whether or not a player returns to the game, but then it mentions a back button feature that sees 50% chance the player will return, so which is it? It just seems like you are pointing out how the ads didn’t have a negative affect, but did they have any positive affects? Otherwise what is the point of them.

It also seems like the general audience for who will be using these ads are real life brands or already established experiences which doesn’t necessarily mean they are benefiting independent or upcoming creators, which can be seen by the lack of revenue earned. It just seems like they are there to give these already established brands/experiences more attention imo.

It’s also confusing to me to see terms like ‘auction’ used in a report about ads since I would not associate that with the Roblox advertising system.

Overall the immersive ads seem like they could be a good idea but there needs to be more transparency on revenue, as well as how effective they actually are for creators on Roblox in general not just specific experiences.


When will small developers such as myself, have access to implant immersive ads? I put dozens of immersive models and with myself only to find my game does not qualify for it. Is there a certain quota your game needs to reach to qualify? So far, all the posts I read from roblox are not specific regarding this issue.


Agreed, discovery for new experiences with not many players is pretty much impossible without a massive budget and/or some connections to people who might be able to get them some publicity. I’ve seen small teams and singular developers make some incredible work which will never be appreciated by most random people.