Immersive Character Models?

Hello there! Gonna try to keep it fairly simple here.

What makes a character model?

Hello there! I’m Kotojo and I’m trying to focus on immersion and realism in my game, Lands of Hell, a hardcore RPG set in a post-apocalyptic world taking place many years following the apocalyptic event. I’m wanting some opinions on what you guys think would make a good character model for this game.

Current Model


It’s a character extremely similar to R6 which can climb on terrain. I thought this model would be easily recognizable and it’s not as many parts so it shouldn’t cause any performance issues.


In summary, if you could provide with some examples and ideas, that’d be amazing.

This game has been in development for quite some time and still has quite a long ways to go.

Once again, the primary objective of the game is to fully immerse the player in a rich and interesting world.

Thank you for your time!


Quick note, the game is still in closed development. Meaning it’s not open to players outside the QA team as of the making of this post. When I release, I want to release correctly. Regardless of how long it takes.


You can move your head around by holding M2 and moving your mouse at any time.


One thing which I believe helps you immerse is the fact that your character’s head moves to face the direction of which your camera is facing.
It gives the feeling that you’re the character, I’d definately like to see that.


Oh! I forgot to add that to the showcasing! Thank you for reminding me!

Yes, you can do that.

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While the movement of the character in relation to the terrain looks great, I would suggest to either tone down, or introduce a toggle, for the camera bobbing. Even in those quick videos the movement of the camera was giving me some slight nausea.

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I’m on the ledge with that one because I’m trying to make landscape that isn’t solid (like say, rocks) more difficult to concentrate and fight on.

Give even the littlest details a big meaning is a huge goal of mine.

Custom idle animations are definitely a good way to add immersion to your models.

Your walking animation seems good. In my opinion though, a more realistic and immersive feel would more than likely require a character model with more joints (think R15) due to there being more fluidity of motion.

I’m definitely considering making a model very similar to R15, but I got a custom character system up and ready to go.

I’m just wondering if any of you guys have any ideas on unique, fluid, and immersive designs that could be used on Roblox. Something that makes the player think,
"Woah, technology!"

Here are a few things:

  • Blinking characters.
    • I’m not talking about 2 frame blinking either. Full eye-lid to eye-lid type blinking would be very immersive. Of course this wouldn’t be done with the mesh, but separate parts that give that impression.
  • Cut scenes may be difficult depending on who you are, but those are definitely a must if you want a very immersive atmosphere design for your game.

Blinking is coming soon

But yeah, eyes move and have eye lids right now.

I got the action part down, but I’m wondering if you guys have any ideas for character models, like rigs. Something besides R15 and R6.

Or is R15 just really the best we can think of right now?


Nice work, it looks pretty good.

I didn’t mean specifically R15, I was only referencing that so you know that more human like joints create a more immersive, realistic experience.

In terms of rigs, I would definitely say go for something slimmer, the “blockiness” of the regular model does not fit the atmosphere. Western Tech (Think Batman as a cowboy) would be the way to go. The models listed are references for the theme, and atmosphere since their body parts wouldn’t look edit stubby and restricted, but also having a western/dry climate feel to them: