IMPACT Theatre [Rules and Information]

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:warning: Disclaimer :warning:
Impact theatre does NOT sell ranks. Anyone trying to sell you a rank is fake.

Before we begin, we would like to say that IMPACT agrees with all of ROBLOX’s ToS and will ensure our members and staff follow them.


  1. No swearing on our group walls and games. This includes bypass.

  2. Trolling is not acceptable. Any type of trolling will be dealt with, and reported.

  3. Exploiting will be immediately reported to ROBLOX, and we will be banning you from our game.

  4. Please do not use caps in an excessive way to imply screaming.

How does IMPACT deal with moderation.
Any type of act against the ToS or our Rules and Guidelines WILL be reported and the following actions will be taken;

1 Warning, Kick, Ban


Kick, Ban

Caps Abuse
Warning, Kick, Warning, Ban

Status Update: Looking for Developers :construction_worker_man: