Imperium Studios Is Hiring Once Again!

Hello, I’m nash. I’m the co-owner of Imperium Studios, a group made to make games for people to enjoy. We are currently working on a game, the game needs Modelers, Builders, Scripters and more! The game is based on the future, where cars can fly and any futuristic things you can imagine! AI’s! Cool Customes! You name it! For more about the game you can join the Discord Server:

The Team:

@LouisMontagu - GFX Designing, UI Design, Project Director.
@nash23122 - 3D Modeling, Project Manager
@Inkqo - Game Designer
@thefan771 - Plot Designer
@johnlaurence0523 - Animator
@4wku - Mid/High Poly Builder
@Spaceman21074 - Main Scripter
@Storeguy - 2nd Scripter
@couldbeyou - Programmer (Discord Bots, Websites, Etc), (Upfront)
@LordBasw - Sound Designer/Engineer
@ IISteveysqII - Clothing Designer (Upfront Pay)
@couldbeyou - NPCs and Characters Designer

Requirements For Programmer:

  • Must have 1+ Years in coding websites with Html, Python, or different coding languages
  • Must be able to create discord logging and moderation bots
  • Good communications skills are also greatly appreciated.

Requirements For NPCs and Characters Designer:

  • Creates High Quality characters and NPCs using blender, studio, or any other software the person’s comfortable with.
  • Able to make detailed characters
  • Good communications skills are also greatly appreciated.


Each individual in this project will be paid upfront or with percentage, this is a long time project (1/2 months) and requires hard working developers.
Revenue Pays
The character and NPC designer will be paid with 15% of game revenue.
Upfront Payments
Programmer - Nitro Classic or Robux, Negotiable
Clothing Designer - up to 700 robux, depending on quality.


You can contact me on Discord, zane_#8281 or join the discord server:
You can also DM me on twitter, @8fnash

Thanks for reading!

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hello I’m interested can you contact me on discord like:

Sure! What would you like to do for the project?

hi well i am a low poly builder and i could also design the npc

Alright, add me on discord and you could show me some past work.

oh sorry but I have a new computer and in this I do not have images of my previous works but I already have experience creating npc since i worked in the npc of a star wars game recently

Hello, I’m interested in a part of this project and have contacted you on Discord.

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