Implement a standard linter for a consistent coding style

Currently if you are a programmer who just started out to learn it’s very hard to develop a consistent coding style that would let other devs and yourself easily understand your scripts and promote good practices.
This, in most cases, persists for a long time resulting in either code of poor quality or arbitrary style decisions which in turn negatively impact collaboration and learning.

Suggested solution: implement linter toggle option with the code guidelines specified in:


Maybe I’m part of the problem but tbh as long as the code is thoroughly commented and indented correctly I’m good. But you are right that as roblox becomes a more professional platform we’re going to need to start coding at comparable to industry standards, which means following some basic rules.

I’m not a big fan of some of this stuff… Yes vertical alignment can be annoying when writing code, but it’s 10x easier to read & edit when your eyes are guided correctly.

Same goes for this. You have a lot of horizontal screen space but only a percentage of that as vertical screen space. If you can neatly fit entries in one line, do it. I value having short scripts so I can navigate/edit them much more than I value separating every table entry. Not a fan of this “guide” at points.

There’s some helpful stuff in there but there’s also stuff that looks like someone just had a preference and said everyone should do it like they want.


The vertical alignment clause is misguided. It’s fine as long as you follow the rules.


Sure, the coding style linked might or might not be the most appropiate for roblox, it doesn’t have to be that one in particular, but my point about needing a way to have a more standarized style still stands.