Implement Android and iOS app shortcuts

As a Roblox mobile user, I usually think that Roblox isn’t utilizing the platforms it’s on that much. Android and iOS have this thing called App Shortcuts (or “Quick Actions” for iOS) and I think Roblox should implement this feature! Here is what they are and why it should be implement into Roblox’s mobile apps!

What are app shortcuts?

On Android and iOS, apps can have a few "shortcuts" that can be accessed from the home screen/launcher by long pressing an app (or force touching an app on iPhones). When it popped up, there can be around 4-5 shortcuts that users can use. Examples:

Why should Roblox implement this?

These app shortcuts can make users have a better experience with the mobile app on Roblox. They could go straight to the Games or Catalog page right from the home screen, or maybe 2 or 3 of their "Recently Played" games too! Here's a mockup of it:


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