Implement PA System In Discussion

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to look at discussion without getting irritated by the severe lack of thought put into discussion topics.

My proposal to this issue is either a temporary post-approval system, or a minimum word count increase.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve mine and many other’s experiences using the forum because there would be much less spam & like-farming posts.


Post-approval was deprecated for a reason, as it took up too many resources. I don’t think a new manual system will be implemented.

I do agree that the word limit should be increased (yes words, not characters).

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DevForums have gone down to almost nothing at this point. There is basically nothing useful anymore for the past couple months, only the old and closed threads being properly-written and the OP’s having the correct understanding of why to make a post. The more we keep waiting, the DevForum becomes worse and more riddled with new members who don’t read the rules and do not understand what the DevForums are for. I can name countless topics complaning about all the #development-discussion spam and like-farming posts. If the moderators at Roblox will not care about having a good, quality forum where real developers who use their brain before posting (like searching around in a search engine, such as Google).

I personally will never understand the point of #development-discussion being open to members to create topics because I would say the majority of new members coming into the forums and being accepted are little kids. They attempt to contribute to the forum without reading the rules, similar to lots of people who agree to a ToS without reading it.
DevForum used to be a resource to check in on when I had a scripting/game design question, as lots of questions have been asked and most likely my question has been asked as well, but now, I have no idea of what it is. Might as well be an online chat site for anyone, as the requirements to get in are extremely thin…

I could go on and on about this, but this is all I have to say for now.


there was supposed to be a system all by devrel but no word from them :\


I feel this (and the rest of your post) is pretty overdramatic. There are bad eggs here and there, but I’ve seen plenty of fine, constructive topics in #help-and-feedback/#forum-feedback:forum-help. Development discussion and Resources have their ups and downs, but there are still the good and the occasional great thread being made.

There are absolutely problems that can be addressed to make those good posts more obvious, or weed out mediocre ones, but the mindset that nothing good gets posted anymore is defeatist and doesn’t lead to productive change. This same mindset leads people to think that Members inherently can’t write good posts on their own, which just isn’t true. Post Approval shouldn’t be implemented when you can’t even get promoted.


Ok yes, I was over exaggerating but I have just been a bit disappointed in DevRel, I remember they announced a system that would be coming soon (as incapaz said)…

But notice how all the good topics are mostly by people who aren’t new to the forum.
The newer people need to have a better understanding of the rules, maybe implement a better new member introduction system.

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Focus on problems rather than proposed solutions.

This feature request proposes a very specific solution that cannot be implemented because it doesn’t scale. You should focus on the problem.

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Well last night, I had a Post Approval for #collaboration:recruitment . I don’t know why it was there to begin with. I was so confused because PA was deprecated months ago.

I personally don’t think this is a good idea. There is something called flagging you can do. I, personally myself don’t like flagging. I would just continue to message the people who mis-use the category.

Hmm… Maybe. I feel like this could be implemented easily, and would be a lot better than Post Approval. Usually I see topics names with the question as the title, and the topic itself is like “Reply your opinion!” They would need to write some more, and this would fix a lot of problems.

What about the bug report wizard? How is that doing?

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Most likely because it had a Discord link, it needed to be approved by a team from DevRel.


I feel like the new-members thing should’ve still existed. Yes, that was controversial and made people think someone is unexperienced, which can be un-true. However it never directly indicated that, and something like that could be used to limit who can post to it currently. A lot of the first topics a new member will make are gonna be in Development Discussion, and not for a valid reason. Usually by mistake that is understood later, they would need to adapt to using #help-and-feedback and etc for the right reasons when beggining to use this forum.

Well. The “part” of DevRel that would manage that would probably be the Engagement Team, which is the “sub-team” that deals with moderation. As you can see here. And that team, is actually pretty, pretty small…

Moxyll seems to be the most active there…