'Implementation Signature' Property on Remotes

As a roblox developer, primarily a scripter, I find it tedious and difficult to keep track of how I implemented remote functions/events on the server/client.

Oftentimes I’ll be writing a script on the opposite side of the server/client relationship that the remote was implemented, and I’ll completely forget what I’m supposed to pass in what order to that remote.

It would significantly boost my productivity if somehow I was able to see the variable names of the parameters in the implementation of remotes was somehow visible (in the properties panel maybe?) without having to track down the script its written in.

In every game I work on, I usually have one script to handle all remote function server invocations, which in my opinion is bad design to begin with but its what I’ve used to keep this issue as manageable as possible, and then I have another one to handle every remote event fire. Even when I consolidate all these implementations to one place, both of these scripts grow to be hundreds to thousands of lines long and I’ve got to ctrl + f to find it. The problem becomes even more annoying when I implemented an event on the client, which is handled in some UI script and I’ve got to ctrl shift f to find that bad boy.

It would vastly simplify the workflow if I could just click on the remote function/event and (whether it be in the properties panel or somewhere else, I don’t really care) see the signature of the implemented function.

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If this were implemented I think it would also be cool if Roblox would allow users to have some kind of runtime type checking for their remotes right out of the box.

If a remote takes a string and somewhere down the line I pass a number, both the linter should warn me and a runtime error should occur on the machine that tried to invoke this. Additionally, the other end should not let the request through to user code at all.