Import meshes as .obj or .fbx?

I couldn’t find any other place to ask this on this forum, so I’m asking here. Recently I’ve been finding myself importing many meshes from blender into Roblox Studio. I know that you can import either .obj files (Wavefront) or .fbx files (FBX). I’m wondering what is the difference between the two, and which one I should use. I don’t know if one has benefits over the other, but I’d like to find out.
Thank you for your time.


To my understanding, .FBX is a more advanced file format than .OBJ is, and support more features like rigs, animation, lights, cameras, etc. But those aren’t really utilized in Roblox (yet) as far as I know, so you would be fine going for a .OBJ in most cases, and since that’s also simpler, it’s more reliable with less points of failure.


Phini is right, but here’s some additional info just in case anyone’s curious: