Import outline materials from Blender into Roblox

I was wondering how I could possibly upload materials from blender into Roblox. This is a cube mesh I have in blender with an outline. The cube contains two materials, I want the cube to look like this when uploaded into Roblox Studio. But whenever I upload this mesh into Studio, it turns grey. Normally this would not be a problem, but whenever I try and colour the cube in studio, both the outline and cube are coloured the same. I am not sure but maybe it is possible to make both the outline of the cube and cube itself different meshes. That way I could colour both the outline and cube different colours in studio, how could I achieve this?

Now you could see if I colour the cube blue in studio, both the outline and cube mesh are coloured blue. But I want the outline to be black.


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Is the outline separate from the actual mesh.

Nvm I realized it’s not, you need to go in edit mode and select the outline and click p then separate from selection.

How would I select the outline though?

i don’t think there’s a way to do so.

but i recommend using highlights instead