Import Terrain w/ Colormap, without bottom layers

I’m looking to be able to import into Roblox, a height map of terrain, along with a colormap, without keeping the layers underneath the terrain.
Example of the underneath terrain:


The current terrain system always forces the imported terrain to have this, and I wouldn’t care less, if it wasn’t for how much of a performance killer having all that extra terrain is.
Here is an Heightmap and Colormap:

I’ve tried using alternative importers, like Maximum_ADHD’s one, however it has a few issues. 1, it still creates terrain underneath. 2, it also just cannot import some images because of how large they can be, and this is with 4k images, I plan on using 8k images.

I also know there is a way to import terrain via Objects, however exporting to .obj takes so long on World Creator at 4k, and file sizes being multiple gigabytes large, that I just can’t be bothered dealing with then importing it to a script file (which will probably crash), and then converting that to terrain, and on top of that it doesn’t appear to support color maps, which is my main need.

If anyone knows another method to import terrain without the bottom layer, and being able to use a colormap, that’d be awesome. I’d make a feature request for this to be added to the normal Terrain importer, but I don’t have permissions to post in there.

I’m not entirely sure if there’s a plugin that helps with hollowing out the terrain, but the only way to achieve this is to use the replace material tools and just replace the rock/ground materials with air.

Yeah but the problem is replacing all the lower levels on a 4096x4096 terrain map is just insanely slow

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Yes brother I had to go through the same process. Insanely slow, currently replacing materials for a 32k x 32k map using regions as small as 1k x 1k, gonna take weeks because Roblox removed some sort of efficient/better way for the process, or probably downgraded it

The replace tool was recently patched and should work faster.

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