Important 2 step verification bug - need resolution asap

When disabling 2 step verification codes via settings, it still sends codes.

I flicked the switch off, and it is currently on off. Upon login, it still sends codes via email with it off in settings. It does not turn off.

It told me it was deactivated via email but still sends codes.

I have retried the switch and no luck. If I get locked out of my account, nobody is going to be responsible but me. I like to disable this when certain things occur like a house fire, where I know i’m at risk of losing devices and login info.

I contacted support twice within 3 weeks. (In May) One reply had no resolution and the other had told me to use a different email address that had never been used with Roblox.
I don’t want to use a new email, there was nothing wrong with the current. This issue randomly appeared in May and still is not fixed. I switched it to on and off in June and July, plus logging out.

Since this is not a widespread issue, it doesn’t really matter. I just wanted to post this for any recommendations or roblox staff clarity.

I like to be in control of my account settings, and this bug truly is a concern. I rarely ever change this switch and have used it consistently since 2018.


I’ve experienced this too. Seems to be a bug they just wont bother fixing, so you’ll have to keep it on unfortunately :pensive:

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It just randomly fixed for me the other day after 3 months. My fix was weird, I had changed the network connection.

After having a fix, it did it again, an then it stopped doing it.

I don’t know the story but after logging in the last few times it didnt ask for codes.