Important - Make sure your forum email is accurate

Your forum email address is the main way I may contact you. Why would I contact you? There are several possible reasons, but I can assure you they would be good.

Please check that your RBXdev forum email inbox is one you actually read, or you have properly forwarding to your real inbox. Check under the Edit button on your profile page. Do it, like today.

And while you’re at it, make sure your ROBLOX account email address is also accurate and verified. I think most of you know that, but I have to say it.

Also, if someone changed their email on Roblox, shouldn’t they change it here also, so that they match? At least, that makes more sense to me?

In general yes they should match. They matched when we made your accounts here.

Well, I already know my Roblox e-mail is correct because my inbox is full of ‘ROBLOX account Password Reset’

I haven’t received any of those emails in a while. I used to constantly though. Once, around a thousand in a single day… >.<
Very annoying, glad whoever was doing it decided to give me a break though.

Speaking of this, can we do what tons of other sites do and in order for you to reset your password, you have to provide the email? You have to know the email in order to check it for the password reset email, so it shouldn’t be an issue for legitimate users trying to reset their password, with the added bonus of preventing anyone who doesn’t know that email (anyone who’s not the real user) from requesting a password reset.

Question. Roblox is hooked up to an email I use for nothing but registering for accounts. Then there is my actual email address which I check and will more than likely actually read what you are saying. Should I put this forum on my actual email address? And will it matter if they don’t match

What I do for my email is have a special folder for roblox and have all the emails I get from them be redirected to that folder. I personally think this way makes it easier to manage all the emails you get especially if your like me and you get a lot of spam emails.

Glad you said something about making sure it was accurate - mine was a bit out of date!

Same. I forgot to update my RbxDev profile when I changed my email :emo-angst:

Sitting over here at my up-to-date email like

just in case, y’know.

Hmm. It’s up to you if you put your actual address on your account here. I don’t want to mess up your system. :stuck_out_tongue: For our purposes the emails here and on ROBLOX do not need to match.

[quote] Sitting over here at my up-to-date email like

just in case, y’know. [/quote]

This is me:

Done and done.